GPT King Notice

GPT King has closed down due to shiftcode not allowing us to renew our licence with them.

What Happened?

We have put full details on what happened at:

What now?

We have just launced our brand new GPT Site called Earn Doing make sure you check it out at

What about my earnings?

As we have always promised we will always pay our members. We have information of all your balances and are happy to pay you or transfer all your funds to our new site

All you need to do is email us with your PayPal account information or your Earn Doing username and we will sort out your money asap

Please send all requests to

A few final words

We would like to thank everyone for thier help over the last 2 years and are sorry for how quickly King has shut down

I hope to see you all on Earn Doing

Thomas Billington